Herefordshire Cardiology Webinar


Heart Failure


Are you confident in the management of chronic heart failure? When should you refer? How do you up titrate medications effectively?


Dr Jim Glancy (Cardiologist HF WVT)


Dr Ritesh Dua, HF GP


Thursday 26 November 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Discussion points:-

  • Acute Heart Failure is the leading cause of hospital admission in patients > 65 years and carries a worse prognosis than some common cancers
  • Heart Failure is estimated to cost 2% of the NHS budget (~£130billion)
  • 70% of HF costs to the NHS are due to hospitalisation
  • This session is intended to help you to improve the identification and the diagnosis of HF in your patients and it will also discuss optimal treatment and management of HF in primary care
  • It will cover tips to help HF consultations in the virtual environment 
  • The session will include case studies and an interactive Q&A session

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