E-Learning: Cervical Screening Update


      • The NHS Cervical Screening Programme is pleased to announce the release of an e-learning resource for cervical sample taker update training.
      • The resource is designed to meet the cervical sample taker 3 yearly update training requirements as set out in the NHSCSP guidance for the training of cervical sample takers.
      • To access e-learning for health care you need a free open Athens account.

How to get to the course - First time registrations

      • https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/ Register/Login
      • You'll need to register for an account on e-lfh.
      • When registering you will have to choose which course you want to be enrolled on, in this case choose NHS Cervical Screening Program.
      • You will then need to register with Open Athens https://openathens.nice.org.uk/
      • Go to https://portal.e-lfh.org.uk/ and sign on with Open Athens.
      • You'll be asked to link the two accounts, which you will need to do.
      • In 'My E-Learning' you should now find NHS Cervical Screening Program.
      • Click the heading and then click the 'Cervical Sample Taker E-Learning Course' heading.
      • Then click 'Play' and this should take you through to the 'Learning Content'
      • Click Next and Begin. 

After training requirements