Flexible Pools

Flexible workforce pools support primary care networks to increase capacity in general practice and create a new offer for local GPs wanting to work flexibly. In Herefordshire and Worcestershire, we have two flexible GP pools working at the place. 

The primary care flexible staff pool arrangements reflect the People Plan commitment to establish GP banks and replace the Locum Support Scheme commitment made in ‘Update to the GP Contract Agreement 2020/21-2023/24’ for 2020/21. 

If you are interested in joining or finding out more please follow the links below: 

For Herefordshire 

Flexible Workforce Pool (herefordshiregeneralpractice.co.uk) 

For Worcestershire 

GP Locum Jobs in Worcestershire — SW Healthcare

Flexible Pools Herefordshire and Worcestershire (H&W) Introduction Video

by Dr Dr Ali Al-Hakim and Dr Loretta Shoderu

Flexible Pools Survey
Its purpose is to essentially try and improve and support the working lives of Flexible GPs in the region.  We are also initially trying to assess the breadth of awareness amongst Flexible GPs in the area regarding Herefordshire and Worcestershire Flexible Pools.

The information we gather can hopefully then be used to see what kind of roles/work, help and support could be offered to you. 

Link to Survey