First 5 Mentors

 First 5 Mentorship

NHSE West Midlands has provided funding to support 15 experienced mentors per STP to support our GPs within their first five years of qualifying.  The programme is specifically targeted at GPs who are planning for a future, that involves them taking up leadership roles in GP partnerships, federations, local provider networks, or new integrated organisations, aiming to improve the performance of these institutions by having developed their personal effectiveness in these key deliverables.


First 5 Mentors will support their mentees to:

  • Gain practical and academic experience in clinical leadership from local experts in the field.
  • Build a network of expert contacts with medical and NHS management leaders.
  • Enhance the skills and competencies that are essential for future primary care leaders.
  • Develop competencies relevant to the domains defined in the developing regional Leadership Model.
  • Develop and deliver a specialty or management driven project that is relevant to the specific needs of primary care.
  • Access a postgraduate qualification e.g. in leadership or medical education.


Mentees will have access to a minimum of one 1.5-hour mentoring session per month with the agreement between mentee and mentor formally being revised at 3 months and every three months following.  The programme is supported by Clinical Lead Dr Mobeen Ahmed. 

For information on how to become a mentor or a mentee, contact