GP Mentorship


GP Mentorship

As part of the extended General Practice Support offered to practices by the CCGs and LMCs, a GP mentorship programme has been developed to support GPs in career and personal development.

There is good evidence that peer support and mentoring is an effective way of helping GPs to manage a range of issues.  General Practice can be a long and rewarding career, but it is not without its challenges.  By providing timely peer support to GPs who find themselves at a crossroad in their career or who are facing personal issues, we hope to retain GPs who might otherwise choose an alternative path.  We know that GPs care for others and often find it hard to seek care for themselves.  Whilst there are national support systems in place for those GPs who find themselves in crisis or in need of medical care, there is little to offer those who simply need some help to find their own way through a difficult time.

The GP mentoring scheme is available to all GPs requiring support (this is a separate offer from the First 5 mentor network).

To secure mentor support contact  (this will be replaced with the clarity link once it is up)

For those interested in becoming a mentor, a mentor will:

  • Support their mentees for 3 one-hour sessions over a 3-month period (unless otherwise agreed by the CCG/LMC)
  • Be reimbursed at a rate of £85 per hour invoiced through the LMC for their mentoring time.
  • Attend mentorship/coaching training will be provided to support the GP mentors.

To enquire about becoming a mentor contact