FCP RoadMap (Paramedic)

First Contact and Advanced Practitioners in Primary Care (Paramedics)

HEE released the FCP RoadMap for Paramedics in January 2021 the RoadMap is an extensive competency framework for paramedics working in advanced roles in Primary Care to enable them to join the Advancing Academy Directory once it is launched. The purpose is to introduce standards to ensure safety, quality, and effectiveness for patients.

The RoadMap requires sign off but a clinician that is on the on the RoadMap supervisors register and has undertaken specific RoadMap supervision training (2 days). Further dates for availability of this training will be published here. GP trainers who hold the trainers' qualification are able to undertake a shortened training package which will shortly be launched as an online package. 

The below link is for the RoadMap documentation. Further support and information are available from the Training Hub team by contacting us at traininghub@taurushealthcare.co.uk

FCP (Paramedic) RoadMap

Useful link below to:

Designing and implementing an educational framework for paramedics rotating into primary care — Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford

Designing and implementing educational framework for paramedics