Training Hub Learning Management System goes live!

Our new Learning Management System (LMS) at the Training Hub is now live!


Here you will find Recorded Courses, Recorded Events, Forums for Discussions, Role Relevant Documentation and more. The platform is ever-growing. We are building more courses as we launch.

Once registered (click here to see how to register guide) you then can manage your learning pathway completely on the dashboard tab. For example, you will be able to access the courses relevant to your role and manage your certificates for training evidence.

To help the LMS continue to grow to meet your needs, if you are a Trainer or Specialist, interested in featuring a course, we can provide you with facilities such as onsite video production or sound recording. We can host interactive online recorded webinars. We can provide voice-overs for presentation or interactive based courses. Alternatively, if you would like an area to host a specific forum e.g. one for your PCN or a profession-specific forum, please feel free to get in touch with the Training Hub (contact details below) to discuss further.

In addition to the LMS, here at the Primary Care Training Hub, our public-facing website is an ever-growing knowledge base of information. Look for advice on Primary Care career paths and fellowships to help guide you or your practice/PCN to flourish.

Also, why not keep our newsletter page bookmarked to keep up to date regarding various training related news topics, live online events, face to face courses, schemes and more in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

For support and enquires please either Email & Telephone us at| 01432 270636

Published on 4th November 2020