FCP Physiotherapist

FCP Physiotherapists

Published in June 2018, the HEE-commissioned ‘MSK core capabilities framework for first contact practitioners, sets the minimum standard for professionals working in these roles, as not all FCP roles are advanced clinical practice level. The framework is now in use to support the development of a skilled and well-integrated multidisciplinary workforce. See link below.

FCP Physiotherapists are advanced practitioners who can assess, diagnose and treat musculo-skeletal problems without the need for an appointment with a GP. Thus, they are the first point of contact for the patient enabling timely access to diagnosis, early management and onward referral if necessary. 

There are 8 key principles for FCP Physiotherapists.

  1. FCP Services are integrated within the surrounding MSk system
  2. FCP roles are located and embedded within a multidisciplinary primary care team
  3. FCPs create primary care capacity and wider system benefit
  4. FCPs offer an advanced level of clinical practice
  5. FCPs offer a population health approach
  6. FCPs offer a personalised care approach
  7. FCP services deliver good patient experience outcomes
  8. FCP services deliver a good staff experience